Information Governance ANZ brings together professionals from different disciplines across all types of organisations to develop and promote information governance best practices and innovations.


A technological revolution has begun, one that combines digital and physical systems to create radically new value propositions. This evolving digital world can disrupt existing businesses that do not have a proactive information governance program.

Information is now the most important asset in business savvy enterprises.


For the first time in history, the world's leading experts on accelerating technology are consistently finding themselves too conservative in their predictions...

- Steven Kotler, author, journalist & Director of Research, the Flow Genome Project


Effective information governance is imperative for enterprises to maximise the value of all business information and minimise the risk in an increasingly security conscious global landscape. Professionals who lead the way in creating pathways and methods for organisations to achieve this will reap the benefits.

The emerging field of information governance requires the engagement of professionals from multiple disciplines, including - cybersecurity, legal, information technology, information management, records management, privacy, risk and compliance.

The purpose of Information Governance ANZ is to provide a forum where professionals can collaborate to develop a community that promotes best practices and innovations of information governance activities and technologies that organisations employ to maximise the value of their information while minimising associated risks and costs.


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The Information Governance ANZ Mission is to bring together a community of information governance professionals in Australia and New Zealand to develop and promote best practices and innovations in information governance.

The Information Governance ANZ community provides a forum to learn from leading practitioners, keep informed of the latest developments, and shape the future development of information governance.


Upcoming Information Governance ANZ Events

IGANZ launches in Wellington, New Zealand
– 23 March 2017

We are delighted that EY will be hosting our first IGANZ event in Wellington.

Past Information Governance ANZ Events

February 2017:

  • 22 February: Thought Leadership Series: IG, cybersecurity & privacy protection - Sydney

November 2016:

  • 16 November: De-identification - GovInnovate Summit - Canberra

October 2016:

  • 25 October: GDPR Workshop - Brisbane

  • 26 October: Information Governance ANZ - Canberra event

September 2016:

  • 1 September: Information Governance ANZ - Melbourne Launch

August 2016:

  • 25 August: Information Governance ANZ - Sydney Launch





The Governance of Things - Records Management - The Future of the Profession

Although the records management (RM) profession is facing challenges with an increasing focus on information governance, the reality if that its role and function has been in great need for more than 30 years and remains a necessity today.

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The Governance of Things - Increasing Acceptance of Technology Assisted Review

In December 2016, the Supreme Court of Victoria endorsed the use of Technology Assisted Review (TAR) in the eDiscovery process in the case of McConnell Dowell Constructors v Santam. This was the first time TAR had been approved for use
in litigation in an Australian Court.

The use of technologies like TAR assists parties in litigation to meet the requirements ‘of a just, efficient and cost-effective resolution of the dispute’ by reducing the time and cost involved in large scale document production during the discovery process.

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The Governance of Things - The Challenges of Information Governance in a Cyber-Physical World

When people think about information and information governance, they may think about information in a purely digital or online sense. And, they tend to think that
governance centres on addressing privacy and broader legal compliance requirements and, perhaps, consider information from a business risk perspective. However, in a world where digital information and the physical environment around us are increasingly connected, information governance takes on a broader view.

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The Governance of Things - Driving the Value of Information Governance

Effective governance of information requires a strategic approach. This involves quantifying each of the business drivers by breaking them down into categories: risk, hard and soft costs, and information value. Once this is completed, a return on investment can be calculated to drive and implement effective information governance solutions that deliver results to the bottom line.

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The Governance of Things - Unpacking the Benefits of Information Governance

Organisations need to consider information as an asset and measure both the value and costs of the data they hold. This means measuring the financial benefits derived from the value of data held as well the costs and subsequent savings from risk management investments.

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The Governance of Things - eDiscovery in Australia and New Zealand

eDiscovery is the production of relevant documents that parties to litigation or an inquiry are required to produce to either a Court, Royal Commission, Commission of Inquiry or to a government regulator. The eDiscovery industry is a global industry reflecting the enormous growth in information and the specialised technology which has developed to meet that challenge. While eDiscovery is a specialist area of legal technology the challenge of document production extends well beyond in-house legal departments and requires the assistance of IT departments and records management.

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The Governance of Things - Mandatory Data Breach Notification

Mandatory data breach notification is almost across the finish line. Or is it?

As many of our readers may know, the third incarnation of a bill that would require all entities bound by the Privacy Act to notify the regulator and consumers of their data
breaches was read in parliament in mid-October. The concern with the mandatory framework is that the settings may result in either under-reporting or over-reporting,
while failing to produce better outcomes for consumers and costing Australian businesses hugely in compliance overhead.

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Steps to Increasing Enterprise Information Governance Mindshare

Most organizations are at or near the end of transforming and/or updating transactional processes and systems to become more efficient and reduce cost. However, the people, processes and information that drive time to market and sales have been under-served. 

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Privacy and Data Breaches: How Information Governance Minimises the Risk

Preventing data privacy breaches is becoming increasingly important, with the increasing costs of dealing with cyber attacks, IT security breaches, and the subsequent legal actions and regulatory investigations.

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Why Information Governance Needs Top-Down Leadership

Effective leadership of information governance (IG) is key to ensuring that appropriate strategies, priorities, policies and processes are successfully embedded in an organisation, both to maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks arising from the information it holds.

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Enterprise Information Governance

Organisations that are successfully addressing the business challenge of being overwhelmed by the exponential information growth are placing value at the core of their information governance program. 

Enterprises are now asking “How do we better manage and provide governance across this increasing volume of information to harness the business value from it?” 

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Leverage the ISO 55000 Standard for Asset Mangement

The case for leveraging ISO 55000 for heavy asset industries, infrastructure and the public sector is indisputable. Instigating comprehensive and effective Information Governance improves the ability of organisations to comply with laws and manage asset-related risk while providing real business value. 

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Internet of Things and Beyond: Cyber-Physical Systems

It has been said that the world is on the bring of a fourth industrial revolution. The emergence of IoT is the beginning of a revolution that will have as great an impact on society and the way people and business are organised as the computer revolution did on the post-World War II era.

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Making IG Real: Six Stories from the Front Lines of Information Governance Success

Over a typical business cycle, a large organisation produces staggering volumes of data. This will include essential records, valuable business intelligence, and knowledge uniquely relevant to the business. But frequently 50% or more of the content is utterly useless - it is dead weight, consuming storage capacity and obscuring the genuinely valuable content, burying the essential digital needles in terabytes of useless haystack.

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