Information Governance ANZ brings together professionals from different disciplines across all types of organisations to develop and promote information governance best practices and innovations.


A technological revolution has begun, one that combines digital and physical systems to create radically new value propositions. This evolving digital world can disrupt existing businesses that do not have a proactive information governance program.

Information is now the most important asset in business savvy enterprises.


For the first time in history, the world's leading experts on accelerating technology are consistently finding themselves too conservative in their predictions...

- Steven Kotler, author, journalist & Director of Research, the Flow Genome Project


Effective information governance is imperative for enterprises to maximise the value of all business information and minimise the risk in an increasingly security conscious global landscape. Professionals who lead the way in creating pathways and methods for organisations to achieve this will reap the benefits.

The emerging field of information governance requires the engagement of professionals from multiple disciplines, including - cybersecurity, legal, information technology, information management, records management, privacy, risk and compliance.

The purpose of Information Governance ANZ is to provide a forum where professionals can collaborate to develop a community that promotes best practices and innovations of information governance activities and technologies that organisations employ to maximise the value of their information while minimising associated risks and costs.


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The Information Governance ANZ Mission is to bring together a community of information governance professionals in Australia and New Zealand to develop and promote best practices and innovations in information governance.

The Information Governance ANZ community provides a forum to learn from leading practitioners, keep informed of the latest developments, and shape the future development of information governance.


Information Governance ANZ Events

The Search for Meaning: Cutting Through the Noise

We all share the common experience of attending meetings and hearing IG terms interchanged freely – such as data and information, data and metadata, structured and unstructured information/data, records and archival. We’ve all wasted time arguing about the definition of the terms to use, but coming back to the next meeting only to have the same discussion. Frustrating, isn’t it? At InfoGovANZ we believe it’s time to resolve the foundational definition needed for our emerging industry to adopt them going forward with understanding and clarity for everyone across the business. While the terms have been defined at a National, Standards or ISO level, we need to create a common, pragmatic and easily understood language to use within our organisations.

Network with other IG professionals to help cut through the noise, and join us in our Search for Meaning.

  • Share experiences about responses to language
  • Have robust discussion around common terminology and decide what stays and what goes
  • Brainstorm ideas to disseminate this information throughout our organisations
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Information Security & Information Governance – how they work together

In this article, Richard Kilpatrick  outlines the difference between Information Security and Information Governance and explains why IG frameworks are essential for the successful orchestration of specialised security systems.

Richard  is a highly experienced consultant in information technology, focusing on realistic data governance, security and privacy.

He has led programs of work to discover and classify data across multiple business units, within banks, telcos, health and media.

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Cyber insurance: how it works and the benefits of information governance

In this article, Meena explains what organisations can do to reduce cyber risks and why an effective data and information governance program is instrumental for businesses looking to invest in cyber insurance.

Meena is a cyber insurance and data breach broker, specialising in cyber risk, data privacy, intellectual property and cyber crime.  

She helps organisations identify potential cyber risks and believes that cyber insurance should be a key component of a company's enterprise risk management strategy. 

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Information Governance ANZ is delighted to present the results of our industry survey, which was conducted over a 12 month period from July 2016 to July 2017.

The survey was distributed to our members, promoted in InfoGovANZ communications and on the website.

This report details the responses to this industry survey with a focus on identified market trends.