Carol Feuerriegel


Carol is Intel Leader and Group Manager for Outcomes, Information and Knowledge for Inland Revenue NZ. She is an expert in information management practice with extensive experience working with Australian and New Zealand organisations as their lead on enterprise information management, information governance and enterprise information architecture.

Carol’s experience spans both public and private sector industries including higher education, local government, engineering & project management, health & medicine, banking & financial services, law, energy and transportation.

Carol holds Master’s degrees in Information Management and in Information Architecture, with Bachelor’s degrees in Library and Information Science, and an Honours degree in Sociology.

Carol is currently completing doctoral research with Victoria University of Wellington in the area of Information Governance, Privacy and Decision-making with a research focus on understanding the relationships between information governance as a component of corporate governance and the data and information required to enable robust delegated decision-making in large organisations.

Carol’s work focuses on understanding the fundamental nature of information and its impact on people and organisations.

Carol’s articles: