Information Governance ANZ brings together professionals who are leading the way in the development of information governance in Australia and New Zealand and those who aspire to be the information governance leaders of the future.


The Information Governance ANZ community provides a forum to:

  • Learn from leading practitioners
  • Keep informed of the latest developments
  • Shape the future development of information Governance

Become part of a growing network of like-minded professionals covering the wide range of disciplines contributing to information governance.

Members receive:

Invitations to attend events hosted by Information Governance ANZ and its supporters.

Updates, reports and resources to assist in learning about information governance developments and best practices.

Please take part in an industry survey on the current status of information governance practices in enterprises across Australia and New Zealand.

This survey will report on current and evolving information governance practices and the priority they are receiving in the business community.

As a thank you for your participation, you will receive a free copy of the final published report.

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